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Short Circuits

by Brevyn

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Intended for an intro menu'
Early options / beginning of the story: the robot is setting off to follow skittish animals into the heart of the forest…
Dodge 00:54
Interlude / energetic scene
Temple 01:55
The animals lead the robot into a large temple full of mischief and mystery.
Cleanup 01:55
The robot runs into conflict amid a horde of elephants.
Robot treks the mountain, getting a wide view of the path ahead.
Temple II 02:11
First big boss sequence.
Frozen Lake 02:28
Back to the surface, sort of, the robot explores the surrounding mass of water and icicles.
Birds 01:22
Robot runs into the local bird village, an eccentric group for sure with their bit-crushed tweeting sounds.
Up a Tree 02:13
Our hero winds up in another forest surrounded by butterflies, noticing an unusual rocky land is closer than before.
The robot makes its way up the unusual rocky area that begins to feel more and more familiar…
Other robots greet our hero as its busy new surroundings leave it both confused and welcome.
Retreat 01:21
Some of these bots grew mischievous since.. Whatever happened happened. They lure our hero into a trap.
River 01:38
Fleeing the trap, our hero discovers a more aquatic part of the citadel.
Riverboat 01:45
A mysterious owl paddles the robot out of the frozen lake with its boat. The robot's ID system can’t determine why this owl speaks.
The Tower 01:16
The robot needs to find its way through a wall of fog. The familiar feeling keeps kicking in.
Raindrop 01:22
Suddenly it begins to rain as the robot remembers the shortcut from a cave.
With all functions re-learned and re-locating its home, the robot remembers its initial purpose as a garden assistant while navigating the planning room of its gardener / scientist creator. It becomes apparent that an experiment went wrong and caused the commotion.
Finale 02:14
'Boss theme'. Our hero finds the gardener scientist in danger thanks to the rogue experiment. Now it has to outwit the experiment.
Recharge 00:47
The robot recharges having saved its lab, getting much-needed rest from the long journey; proper story is over.
Regrowth 00:54
With peace restored to the lab, nature goes back to its proper harmony.


Vulpiano Records is proud to present electronic artist Brevyn's first full-length album of all-new material. Complete with a fantastical story about a gardening robot's journey, the release marks a VGM-centric direction for the artist. Every track is a delight, highly-evocative of the natural world despite (or because) of the immersion in chiptune sound. You can also find descriptions for the atmosphere of the tracks in their lyrics tabs. My favorite track here is "Birds", complete with synthy tweets. Overall, an outstanding achievement in Brevyn's discography.

Licensed Creative Commons Attribution, the music is also available for use in video game projects of your own.

Words from the artist:

If you’re downloading, I suggest WAV or another lossless file.

'A gardening robot awakens among hills, rivers and mountains, not remembering an inkling of its functions and original purpose. Something draws it to follow some unusually fussy glowflies and amphibians to the rocky mass of the Chrome Citadel, where it will rediscover just what it forgot..!'

I finally got the Magical 8Bit Plug in 2018: Short Circuits is the result. I was curious about 8-bit music for many years before, being a video game person long before a musician, so this was a great way to merge my interests.

It was fun to explore chiptune hence a more melodic sound. Like most of my more uptempo projects, most songs follow a pseudo-synthpop style. I mix the 8-bit voices with effects and external sounds too, sometimes with bitcrushing. Even a piano here and there, including one ("Mountain View") that I think Celeste fans will enjoy.

Two years on, I notice some songs are too simple to loop more than once or twice in-game as I planned. Some work more as ‘beats’, so I include a handful as bonus-only and trimmed some filler. Still, I kept the songs short themselves, so they should hold up otherwise. To spice things up I created a few new songs (1, 20, 25, 26, 27) and remixed 14 and 16 from previous releases, so it isn’t a 100% archive release in the end. When it came to "Toppling Floors" I liked it but didn’t fix some iffy clicking on it before it got stuck on a freezy drive (like the other original files for the album, hence tons of other WIP material; part of why my flow with new music went out-of-whack this past year).

I want to tackle more VGM vibes in the future. To hear more of this in my music, check out my first album Turquoise Trilogy (where "West Forest Field" and "Entering The Citadel" originate):



Bandcamp - brev.bandcamp.com
Twitter - twitter.com/voicesontheair
Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/brevynmusic
Wordpress - moonsandmelodies.music.blog
Tumblr - moonsandmelodies.tumblr.com
RYM - rateyourmusic.com/~dreamfortress


released June 30, 2020

Cover art collage by Marilyn Roxie

Assets used in cover art:

Aamatniekss - Free Pixelart Platformer Tileset: aamatniekss.itch.io/free-pixelart-platformer-tileset
Crugger - 2d platformer resources c11: crug63r.itch.io/c11
GrafxKid - Gum Bot sprites: opengameart.org/content/gum-bot-sprites
MamaNeZakon - Forest Tileset: mamanezakon.itch.io/forest-tileset
Jaks - Pixel Nature: jaks.itch.io/pixelnature
La Red Games - Gems Coins Free: laredgames.itch.io/gems-coins-free




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