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by r.u.u.n.e.

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The addition of r.u.u.n.e. as a Vulpiano newcomer with a special Netlabel Day 2017 release is very welcome. THE DEBUG ROOM ranges from glitch pop to challenging noisy ballads, all with a defiantly playful edge.

r.u.u.n.e. is a gay multi-media performance artist from new england practicing gender magick, you can find their work at www.ruune.net


All I ever wanted, was a little clarity. All I ever needed between you and me was just a few words traded about what im doing wrong, but that song's in silence: and silence could kill anyone. I guess I better take this with me, if Im never gonna let this go. You took me to the darkest valley, and left me on a plateau all alone: Going nowhere, doing nothing, and I know the suns still rising somewhere, but I cant feel it yet: I can only see the glow. So ill cross the chasm and cut these ties on this bridge, pull the heart from chest. I dont even really know where it ever was, or really is.


I'm here, I'm queer, and I have nothing to wear that doesn't make me hate the way that I appear to you. Put something on my waist and something on ears, just because its gender doesn't mean it dissapears. Drowning in a big blue skirt doesnt make me hurt doesnt make me learn, that fitting into tiny red jeans doesnt seem to work and you know what that means: Gonna wear it anyways, even if it kills me. Don't look good in this, and don't look good in that. Instead I will just wonder how I pull off this hat. Don't bring me a mirror: I dont want to get the bat. Did I shave all my facial hair or do I look like a rat?


I am no bridge, and I am no altar. The blood is smooth, their horns are silver. This exit plan will only doom you, you poor poor unfourtunate soul: stitching bent will never let go. They are coming: but I'm still breathing: they do not notice: cause they believe used as a prop: since the beginning: I have always felt largely small. Before damage before safety: older anxieties from before time: I cannot stop exhilerating: hurdling to twilight, stabbing towards me. We were so little then, traveled far from genesis. Was not born the innocent, was fucked up as you can get.


I was waiting for the myst to come, for the sea to move side to side so I could move through. I was waiting to part the waters, but my first hits the ground and nothing matters. I was waiting to leave this place in transportation made with darkness and grace, I have never seen a lake so wide as the one it took to drown my pride with no prupose but to swim. I have summoned many souls to this place, but this ratrace has me wearing thin, droplets of my capitol melting off my crooked grin. You know I have a stake in this, it's not a mistake I need a therapist. Therapy, entropy, emotional intelligence stays with me. Empathy of a broken down king, whos lost his or her or their tower, all the inborn spirit power. If we could ever be born with things like this, or if we could only be given or taken away. Sometimes it hurts to be quiet, sometimes it hurts to have something to say. I pound my chest and only hear screaming, I wash my hair and only lose feeling. I fall down and get back up again, every day is a little bit more rough. Haven't taken time to take the tools, sandpaper rubbing me down to a fool. It's supposed to be uplifting, but lately its just been morbid, how astrology doesnt seem to find my orbit: can't keep track of all my moons and rising signs. My life flashes before my eyes: the trees in the backyard are a little bit more dead. The fortunes I'v got are a little bit less read, I'm not seeing red anymore but blue. This is what I'v been trying to tell you, to ìStay away cause ill never get rid of the stray in meî, ìIt's gonna fuck me up and I can relive all my trauma, over and over againî, and ìStill stay awakeî, but ìIt's not meî, and ìI'm not a mistake!î


released July 14, 2017




Vulpiano Records San Francisco, California

Vulpiano Records isn’t an ordinary label. Vulpiano is a collective and a community. The concept behind Vulpiano is simple: to offer quality free music. Genres we specialize in are ambient, electronic, and acoustic. All artists are linked by their spirit of independence and experimentation. We hope you enjoy and share the music. - Founder Marilyn Roxie and Vulpiano Artists ... more

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