Vulpiano Records 10​-​Year Anniversary

by Vulpiano Records

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Netlabel Vulpiano Records is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a cassette tape and digital compilation as a benefit for nonprofit digital library Internet Archive ( Limited to 100 copies and featuring exclusive and favorite tracks from the label's international roster of artists from Australia, England, France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and the USA. Each cassette is hand-numbered and comes with either a holographic tarot card (78 copies) or an Artist Trading Card collage on a playing card (22 copies), selected randomly. The genre-spanning release celebrates the musically diverse and collaborative spirit of the long-running label with selections in drone, folk, electronic, and more.

For a label founded on a Creative Commons ethos, Internet Archive has long been an indispensable host for Vulpiano: a place for our artists’ work to be free to download, share, copy and redistribute.

The tape features drone / folk duo Natural Snow Buildings' first track since the 2016 release of Aldebaran: "Charles Thomas Tester". (Cassette exclusive)
A transmission received: the rippling iridescence of droning noise, hushed vocals and reverberating harp is beamed in from some omnipresent locale.

Xqui's "Aluminium" (Cassette exclusive)
A diaphanous ghost train, carrying travelers past, phases us onward.

Delicasession's "Soar (SA90 Edit)" (Previously released on Soar)
Settling into corporeal motion, we roam at a trot into the unknown, with synth and string voices in ruminative dialogue.

ish10 yow1r0's "in a chilly night, gently hug me" (Cassette exclusive)
A concrete jungle at dusk, where many feet splash reflective puddles. 2-step beats skitter through nearby headphones and intimacy is seemingly always out of reach.

Brevyn's "Voltage" (Cassette exclusive)
Ravers from a nearby club stream past us at a concourse; elevated trains and powerlines thrum overhead as the night city awakens.

Anton Rothschild's "Wednesday" (Cassette exclusive)
Turning away and walking, as we are, beneath a waning autumn moon, we divine a poetic ode to a melancholic friend.

Osiris Saline's "Memories from a Dead Star" (Previously released on Memories from a Dead Star)
The silence of an astronomical dawn over approaching mountains, the alpenglow punctuated by a lyre.

Zapa's "Ghosts" (Previously released on The Long Trick)
The scent of fallen pine needles drift on the air; a nomadic soul nurses a glass before slinking back into the crowd, a plaintive blues can be heard.

Neurotic Wreck's "Funeral of Roses" (Cassette exclusive)
Environment is history, and endless spiritual murder and renewal saturates the ground on which we trudge: the kick drum procession ushers on…

Enrico Falbo's "Raga Tyaga" (Cassette exclusive)
At a deep and solitary loch high in the icy steppes: the reed-drones of a distant valley reaching us on the wind, perhaps illusory.

Vladimir Luchansky's "Tint Crackle (Eggshell)" (Cassette exclusive)
The whispering gallery effect of the surrounding boulders penetrates our psyche. Vintage electronics and chorals buzz.

Taker 51's "Marte" (Cassette exclusive)
In an earlier spacetime, this trance-signal is transmitted via a TV composer’s home studio, perhaps demoed with intent to include on a space-themed rock musical.

Florian Decros' "Ab absurdo (Edit)" (Previously released on Ab absurdo)
The theme continues, propelled through the pulse of new machines, Moroder, Vangelis and mutating futurisms...

Derek Piotr's "Witness" (Cassette exclusive)
Once the future is alive and palpable we now refract it through our senses. Tones, glitches and alerts, deconstructions on the other side of the cyberpunk looking glass.

Whalt Thisney's "Man Walking" (Cassette exclusive)
The fog conveys us to the end, the beginning, and the ambiguous iridescence.

Enrico Falbo’s "Psychostasis" (Digital only - previously released on Tranceformer)
An intensifying swell of tidal synths, hallucinogenic ritual and wailing feedback.

Lately Kind of Yeah’s "Chaotic Nothing" (Digital exclusive)
Nocturnal broodings and fleeting hypnagogic thoughts: the perennial psychedelic bedroom.

Marilyn Roxie’s "Indigo" (Digital only - previously released on New Limerent Object)
Shafts of noon light stream through a curtain, illuminating the dancing of dust sprites. Key strokes echo through an empty building.


released November 17, 2019

Vulpiano Records logo art by Solange Gularte of Natural Snow Buildings.

Album layout and logo edit by Marilyn Roxie.

Special thanks to Anton Rothschild and Miguel Zapata for their contributions in support of the cassette production, Jinsie Preiss, Nicholas van der Waard, and Brevyn's feedback in the mixing and mastering process, and the support of listeners and Vulpiano artists all these years.

Playing card collages by Dan Shea and Marilyn Roxie.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Vulpiano Records England, UK

Vulpiano Records isn’t an ordinary label. Vulpiano is a collective and a community. The concept behind Vulpiano is simple: to offer quality free music. Genres we specialize in are ambient, electronic, and acoustic. All artists are linked by their spirit of independence and experimentation. We hope you enjoy and share the music. - Founder Marilyn Roxie and Vulpiano Artists ... more

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